Take care of,
what we have.

Neighborhoods Beautiful

Lubbock Safe



As a hub for Lubbock neighborhood associations; LNC strives to build and maintain strong, local communities by being engaged in, and advocating for, the needs of the neighborhoods we serve.


Lubbock Neighborhood Connections advocacy and efforts focus on moving towards these goals:

  1. TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE — Regular and sufficient maintenance of infrastructure across all commercial and residential areas of the city; including north, east and central Lubbock.
  2. MAKE NEIGHBORHOODS BEAUTIFUL — In areas where homeownership is less prevalent, we work to reverse and prevent neglect of non-owner occupied properties to maintain and improve appearance of Lubbock neighborhoods.
  3. KEEP LUBBOCK SAFE — by building solid relationships between the community, law enforcement and the city, we can help reduce crime and change the perception of safety in neighborhoods.

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